Basics of iPhoto ’11

iPhoto is a great application with built in features that can make life a little easier with our ever-growing digital photo collection.  Faces, flagging, and hiding photos are all great tools that can help, even the slowest of us, get our photo library under control. For those of us you like to print and send photos, we will take a look at that too.

With built-in facial recognition software, iphoto gives you the tools you need to tag, name, and confirm people in your photos.  With a photo selected, on the bottom right of the screen you will see five buttons.  The first one, which is info, you will see on the right where you can add, edit, and see the listed people in the photo.  If a box doesn’t appear around the face of the person in the photo, simply click on their face and a box will appear ready for you to re-size to fit their face.

Once you get done naming them, click on the faces tab at the top left of your window.  The people you just named will then appear in the faces tab.  To add more faces, you can simply click and the bottom right of the window on the “find more faces” and it will walk you through the steps needed.  After you have selected at least five photos, you will click on the tag and confirm if iphoto has found that person in other photos in your library.  As you keep clicking on more photos, iphoto will adjust the search results it has to be more accurate with what you are selecting.

Flagging photos is great when you have photos that you frequently need.  In the main iphoto window

select the photos tab on the top left.  With your mouse over the photo on the top left you will see a silhouette of a flag, click the flag and it will change colors. If you look to the left of your iphoto window, under recent, you will see a flagged tab. By selecting this tab it will show in the iphoto browser all your photos you have selected.  To de-flag a photo, roll over the picture and click the flag.  Hiding photos is also nice when you have photos you don’t want to see all the time but you want to keep them.  To do this, click the photo you want to hide a menu will pop up.  Select hide photo and it will put an X on the top.  To view or hide these simply go to view in the menu bar and select “hidden photos” and in the iphoto browser you will see them with the X.

Under recent, as show in the photo above you will see a tab called “printing”.  Click on this tab and the iphoto window will bring up your photos that you want to print.  Your printing options can be found at the bottom of the window, as seen in the picture below.  You can add different themes, borders, and colors to make your photos just the way you like them.

Until next time, Enjoy the basics of iPhoto!



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