How to sign a document using Preview!

From time to time we have to sign documents we receive digitally, and it can be a real pain to have to print the document out, sign it, and scan it back in. Instead of having to go through all that trouble, any Lion user can use Preview to create a signature and store it for future use. (This is a really cool feature.)

In order to create your signature, open Preview, and in Preview in the menu bar (at the top.) Navigate down to “Preferences.”

Select “Signatures” and hit the button that says “Create Signature”

This will instruct you to sign a clear white sheet of paper with your John Hancock (or your Herbie Hancock,) and hold it up in front of your iSight camera. Align it in the window and hit “Accept” when it looks good.

You can access your signatures in the “Annotate” toolbar in Preview when you select the signature button. It will give you a drop down menu of saved signatures. You can then resize and position it as needed on your document, and then all you have to do is go find something to do with all of the time you’ll be saving with this cool trick!

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