Trim your videos in iPhoto!

Did you know that you can edit a video clip in iPhoto? This is pretty slick! In iPhoto ’11 you can trim (cut) a video clip, so that the movie will stop when you want it to end. This is a quick and easy way to get rid of unnecessary fluff in your videos, without having to work in iMovie. You can quickly shorten a video of your recent trip and start a slideshow to show your friends.

Another great thing about this is that your edits don’t have to be permanent. Trimming a video clip doesn’t delete footage; it just divides the footage into two clips. To cancel the cut, choose Reset Trim from the Action pop-up menu.

Follow these few steps or watch the video below to see how to trim your clips.

To trim a video clip:

1. Do one of the following:
▪ Double-click the video clip.
▪ Select the video clip, and then press the Space bar.
2. Play the movie until you reach the point at which you want to insert a cut.
You can drag the slider at the bottom of the movie controls panel (shown below) to go to a specific point in the movie.

Choose Trim from the Action pop-up menu.




Enjoy the ease of editing!

One thought on “Trim your videos in iPhoto!

  1. andrew

    What do I do if I want the trip to be permanent.
    I take a lot of video, from each video there are 5 or 10 seconds I want to keep on my iphone. So what I want to do is to trip the video, save the trimmed video as a separate file and then export to my iphone.

    Today, when I trim all is good.
    Then when I export to the iphone I get the untrimmed video…



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